Tri Beginner‘s Luck

Give back, Tri Forward with Jocelyn Wong Neill

May 4, 2022

Advocate. Activist. Athlete. A Mother. The First Asian-American Professional Triathlete, Jocelyn Wong Neill.   

At 18 years old, life for Jocelyn was full of adventure and trying new things.  After a college injury, Jocelyn pivoted, and her athletic career truly began.  A friend challenged her to join the cycling team, which meant she needed a bike.  So,  Jocelyn did what any 18-year-old would do. She used her scholarship money to get a beautiful new road bike.  Responsible right? 

Well, that decision was just the beginning of what would become a new athletic pursuit and career.  Along the journey, Jocelyn decided to  volunteer at Ironman California, which is now Ironman 70.3 Oceanside and this ultimately started her Tri journey. At 20, she did her first Ironman in Wisconsin and earned her pro card in 2009.   

Currently, Jocelyn is living her best life as a mother,  training for the next adventure, working as a certified prosthetist-orthotist, advocating for more Asians in sport, and curating the perfect team for the JFK 50 miler - “Crazy Fit Asians”. 

Jocelyn is hilarious and this episode will surely entertain and inform you. 

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Let’s Tri this! 


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