Tri Beginner‘s Luck

Because of you, I can Tri with Leslie Tookes

November 24, 2021

Has a friend introduced you to the sport of triathlon, and encouraged you to tri? Or, have you been inspired by people you know who tri, and in turn, thought about whether you could do so as well? 

If so, that is the case for most triathletes! Somewhere along the line, we had a friend, family member or acquaintance who tried, and then we caught the tri-curious bug. Before we know it, we can’t imagine our life without it  and we start to invite others into the sport. 

That’s my story!  I first learned about the sport from my friend Leslie Tookes, and now I can’t imagine my life without Triathlon.  I am so grateful that Leslie Tookes and I  met so she could convince me to TRI! 

Leslie is a wife, mother, triathlete, and community engager!  She uses her lifestyle to introduce and engage people in sports.  Leslie is what we like to call a lighter,  She helps to ignite  passions and help steer them on  the path to health and fitness.  She was featured in Essence in 2009 in an article entitled, “Going The Distance” for being a working mother and triathlete.  She is truly phenomenal. 

This episode is very personal for me.  If I hadn’t taken a bite of the Tri pie, this podcast wouldn't exist. As we celebrate what we are thankful for this week,  I thought it would be fitting for me to express my gratitude to Leslie and give her verbal flowers while she can hear them.  

We all have a Leslie in our lives and I just want to encourage you to take a moment and thank them.  Whether it’s your family member,  friend, co-worker, or some strangers' social media feed that inspired you.   Say Thank you!  Our lives are better because of them! 

As you prepare for your Thanksgiving meal I hope this brings back memories of when you first tri’ed or helps you get prepared to Tri!  

I also want to say thank you for listening consistently to this podcast and for sharing your valuable feedback.  I couldn’t do this podcast without two wonderful women who believed in my vision and were willing to take a risk on me.  So they know who they are and would light me up in our group text if I mention them… but I want them to know how incredibly grateful I am of them!  This world is better because of  people like them and the reason you can hear this podcast!  

Okay already… we can save the mushies for the episode!   


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!!!


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